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Transdermal Delivery Solutions & ALZYN Announce License for HypoSpray Delivery of Alzheimers Therapy

Release issued 09/20/2016

Transdermal Delivery Solutions & ALZYN Announce License for HypoSpray® Delivery of Alzheimers Therapy

Transdermal Delivery Solutions, a leader in the development of spray-on drug delivery systems, and ALZYN, LLC, an early stage company focused on addressing Alzheimer's Disease, announced today they have signed a license agreement for development of a HypoSpray-delivered proprietary solution targeted at halting the progression of AD

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Transdermal Delivery Solutions Corporation (TDSC) announced today the signing of a product license arrangement with ALZYN, LLC of St. Petersburg, FL.

TDSC will deliver possible Alzheimers remedy transdermally. 

“We are pleased to announce the finalization of our agreement for this product with the team at ALZYN,” said Kenneth Kirby, President of TDSC.

About ALZYN’s Approach and AD

ALZYN is a development stage company pursuing a unique approach to retard the progression of Alzheimer's disease employing well-characterized compounds that were licensed from the Florida State Research Foundation. This new and novel approach was developed by Dr. Ewa Bienkiewicz, Research Associate Professor and Director of the Protein Biology Laboratory at Florida State University’s College of Medicine. She selected and tested several compounds, demonstrating their efficacy in a proof-of-concept study. She and her team evaluated levels of several diverse biomarkers associated with the Alzheimer’s disease. These markers are believed to drive the cascading symptoms of AD as it progresses. Collectively, the observed modifications in AD pathology biomarkers reflected a promising therapeutic breakthrough and preventive strategy to combat this disease. Dr. Bienkiewicz’s findings have been accepted for peer-reviewed publication in a leading journal. “Dr. Bienkiewicz’s studies are very encouraging,” said ALZYN Managing Director Don Rosenkoetter. “The prospect of moving this science from the lab to the people who so desperately need a safe and efficacious therapy that will alter the course of this tragic disease engenders a tremendous passion and energy amongst our team. In TDSC and Langford Research Institute we have found development partners that both have the capabilities we were seeking and share our sense of urgency and mission.”

The Nexus of HypoSpray® and AD Research

While these compounds are showing great promise in validated vitro experiments, dosing is a challenge. The digestive tract very effectively digests these compounds so creating a concentration high enough to be effective against the AD beta amyloid peptides in the brain is our mission. The HypoSpray technology, transdermally bypasses the digestive tract and enables raising effective dose levels of these compounds. TDSC and its affiliated research arm, The Langford Research Institute, will formulate a spray-on solution that is expected to create the blood and brain levels documented in studies of the individual compounds to be effective. The formula will be tested first for proof of concept and for dose levels in patients. “This use of the HypoSpray technology to enable therapeutic outcomes with these compounds by means of a transdermal formulation is a significant step for biotechnology compound dosing,” Kirby stated.

About Transdermal Delivery Solutions (TDSC)

TDSC is committed to advancing the science of transdermal drug delivery using its patented spray-on delivery system. TDSC’s proprietary system enables medications to be delivered directly through the skin, for systemic or localized application, utilizing its rapid acting, patchless, spray-on technology. No other company can offer similar, consumer friendly, dosing flexible solutions. Visit:


ALZYN is an early stage company committed to reducing the tragedy of Alzheimer's. The Company is pursuing a unique and promising approach to halting the progression of AD. The science, licensed from the Florida State Science Foundation, is at a preclinical development stage. ALZYN is being advised by the Newport Board Group.

About Langford Research Institute, Inc.

LRI is a South Florida-based not-for-profit institute dedicated to supporting the research of TDSC and its affiliates and partners. The institute is a U.S. FDA-registered Drug Labeler, U.S. DEA Controlled Substance Researcher and Exporter, an NIH registered facility and a State of Florida licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. The institute is a cGMP facility approved to manufacture clinical trial materials.


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