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Release issued 01/30/2006

LAKE PARK, Florida - TransDermal Technologies announced today the publication by the renowned British medical Journal, ANAESTHESIA, in its February, 2006 issue of the results on a trial of a delivery system designed to accomplish skin anaesthsia in 5 minutes.

The research was performed by Prof. Atholl Johnston, Dr. Arthur Tucker, Dr. Chandan Alam, Dr. Louis Michaels, Dr. Michael Seed and Zamri Chik of the William Harvey Institute at Barts and Queen Mary School of Medicine, University of London. Kenneth Kirby also contributed to the study in his role as Director of the Langford Institute. The citation is as follows: Anaesthesia, Volume 61 Page 123 - February 2006 doi:10.1111/j.1365-2044.2005.04432.x .

The study was a comparison of two formulations the TDS® delivery system, one designed to move quickly through the skin without creating much anaesthetic effect and the other which was designed to move more slowly and create a detectable level of anaesthesia in in the skin in 5 minutes. Both systems performed as designed and both resulted in detectable blood levels of drug. The study further established the safety of the TDS® in over 400 patient exposures.

TransDermal President Kenneth Kirby commented, "We are quite glad to announce that we now have completed two human trials and both have been published in first-line peer- reviewed publications." "We have been most gratified at the reponse this publication has gotten even in its first 48 hours of availability on line."

TransDermal Technologies has begun informing interested stakeholders in the Central Nervous System drug segment of its interest in securing a partner or partners interested in exploiting this technology for rapid-onset anaesthesia.

The TDS® is a platform system that is modified to be specific to each application and has been proven to accomplish rapid, safe and effective delivery of many medicaments across intact skin. The TDS® system is currently being tested in clinical trials of three diverse pharmaceutical actives including a peptide drug.


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