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Release issued 11/01/1999

TransDermal Technologies, Inc. announced today the release of the latest pre-clinical data validatingi ts patent-pending, patchless liquid transdermal delivery system, TDS(tm) in the delivery of Testosterone.

The study, overseen by Prof. Derek Willoughby and completed by Dr. Chandan A.S. Alam, M.D. of the Department of Experimental Pathology at the William Harvey Institute at St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London School of Medicine and Dentistry measured the ability of the TDS technology to deliver testosterone through the skin in a sufficient dose to accomplish a therapeutic outcome without a patch or other appliance. Data from the study confirmed company claims that the TDS technology enables rapid penetration and increased blood concentrations of testosterone. The model for the study was the white rat. The results showed an average 9-fold increase in serum testosterone levels in less than one hour.

Testosterone hormone replacement therapy is on the rise in both men and women due to recent studies establishing its safety in the treatment of Virapause and Menopause. Both injection and patch delivery systems have encountered consumer resistance to frequent injections, side effects and/or the necessity to constantly wear a patch. TDS makes it possible to dose testosterone in a rapid pulse, most similar to the body's natural glandular activity, by spraying it onto skin and rubbing it in as a part of the morning routine.

An added benefit of the TDS is its ability to deliver complementary hormones along with the testosterone. The complementary use of hormones such as pregnenolone to offset binding of the free hormone, thereby optimizing its therapeutic outcome, is now an accepted clinical standard of care. The TDS is believed to offer the combined benefit of self-dosing and optimal outcomes of free testosterone not matched by other dosing modalities.

TransDermal Technologies is actively seeking a licensing partner interested in exploiting this technology.

TransDermal Technologies' TDS is a platform system that is designed to be modified for each application and is believed to enable the rapid, safe and effective delivery of many medicaments across intact skin by means of its sprayed-on lotions. The Company is currently testing Morphine HCL and Acyclovir in similar pre-clinical trials at the William Harvey Institute in London.

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