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Release issued 07/19/2006

Florida Governor Jeb Bush was presented with the coveted William Harvey Medal, inscribed for “outstanding contribution to the life sciences”, by Professor Mark Caulfield, Managing Director of the William Harvey Institute and Prof. Adrian Smith, Principal of Queen Mary College, University of London. The award was presented at a reception last night in The Great Hall at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, at Smithfield in East London.

Governor Bush was nominated for the award by Dr. Chandan Alam of the William Harvey Institute and Kenneth Kirby of TransDermal Technologies, Inc., North Palm Beach, FL which has an on-going collaboration under way at the Harvey researching its innovative liquid spray-on across-the-skin delivery system.

The award to Governor Bush represents the first time The William Harvey Medal has been presented to a non-scientist in its 20-year history. The Medal is named for the 17th century British Physician who described the circulation of blood. Harvey practiced medicine and conducted his research at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital were the reception was held. The Medal is awarded annually to only two scientists for excellence in research in the field of inflammation sciences. The award reception was a part of the 20 Year Anniversary Celebration of the William Harvey Institute which concluded with the reception and award to Governor Bush.

The reception was a high point of Governor Bush’s final trade mission as governor with Enterprise Florida, the state’s public-private economic development agency. The mission focused on the Aeronautics industry and Life Sciences. Top level representatives of Florida universities and the Scripps Florida Research Institute along with real estate, economic development agencies, media and Florida-based life science companies such as TransDermal Technologies, visited Oxford University, Imperial College (a sister college of Queen Mary College in the University of London System) and Edinburgh University as well as the William Harvey Institute during the week-long mission to the U.K., Mission delegates reviewed recent and on-going work such as the research on TransDermal Technologies’ ground-breaking, patented drug delivery technology which has been largely validated by work at the William Harvey Institute.

In addition, the delegates met with representatives from the finance community in London and Scotland as well as consortiums of Life Science technology transfer entities such as the London Technology Network. The mission was designed to encourage links and collaboration between Florida life science universities and centers of excellence in Life Sciences in the U.K. Governor Bush played a key role in the mission, making presentations to plenary sessions at the various institutions and meeting one-on-one with key leaders of both industry and academia.

In an address to the assembled guests at the reception who included renowned scientists, government officials, British nobility and members of the London financial community along with Florida’s Life Science representatives on the mission, Professor Caulfield lauded Governor Bush for his leadership efforts in making Florida a Mecca for life sciences through his contribution of $320 Million in state money to attract the Scripps Research Institute and his $200 Million Innovation Fund and $110 Million-dollar package of economic incentives aimed developing and strengthening the life science industry in Florida and acknowledged the exciting progress of TransDermal Technologies’ research.

Governor Bush, in his acceptance remarks, praised Queen Mary College and the Harvey Institute for the work done for TransDermal and hailed TransDermal’s collaboration as an example worth emulating of Anglo-Florida collaboration. “TransDermal and it’s exciting technology for putting drugs through the skin, is poised for great success in the near future because of the work done here at The William Harvey, and this collaboration is a model for future Florida-UK success in life science,” Governor Bush said.

For further information contact: Alex Fernandes, Senior Communications Officer, Queen Mary College, Press & PR Office, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, +44 (0)207 882 5378

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