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Release issued 08/07/2013


Published on Aug 7, 2013


Story by Chuck Weber/CBS 12 NewsPALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- It's simply applied with a series of sprays, said Ken Kirby, demonstrating his company's new spray-on medications. Applied in a series of sprays and then rubbed in like so.Kirby, president of Transdermal Delivery Solutions, sprayed the solution on his forearm, then rubbed it in.The onset of activity with this product is very rapid, Kirby explained. It's three to five minutes, and you get the same five to six hours of pain relief that you get with the oral dose, but with much less toxicity.Kirby's Palm Beach Gardens company has just won approval to clinically test its first spray-on drug, a treatment for low testosterone.

Right now with most meds, you pop a pill and get relief-- eventually. And prolonged use of many drugs brings side effects.Kirby says for 16 years, he and his team have worked to come up with compounds that can go through the skin. Those compounds deliver medications to the body quickly, bypassing the stomach and intestines, where side effects can develop.The clinical trials of the spray-on treatment for low testosterone will start soon in London, and are expected to last nine months. The company is working on other kinds of medications.Kirby says the spray-on method offers great hope for cancer patients and others being treated with drugs with high toxicity.It is quite exciting to be at this point, said Kirby. I mean, we have labored for a long time.We feel that (these drugs are) going to revolutionize the industry, added Rekha Shah, who works as Transdermal's director of analytical sciences.Kirby says once the spray-on meds are approved for use, he hopes drug companies will be more willing to partner with the company, to speed the process of bringing the drugs to market.